Gary William Friedman

"THE ME NOBODY KNOWS is one of the most meaningful and ultimately joyful shows of the season..."
- Clive Barnes, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"We have the best rock score in years in the one provided by Gary William Friedman for THE ME NOBODY KNOWS, a musical about ghetto children that is so good that if every legislator and slum landlord were to see it - and since it should be seen by everybody, that includes those unsavory professions - it might put an end to ghettos..."
- John Simon, NEW YORK Magazine

"Passages", with Ed Matthew on clarinet, is a romantic and startling piece... atonality flourishes in both movements of "Colloquy", for viola and piano... Friedman is a composer whose forays into musical theatre and liturgical works bleed into his 'contemporary classical'. It fails to hinder him and, instead, fleshes out his efforts, most notably in the vocal work "My Heart's Friend"." - Kraig Lamper, AMERICAN MUSIC GUIDE

"A composer who has mastered his craft... who's music successfully combines accessibility with artistic integrity, lyricism with abstraction, and abundant heart with refined design."
- Robert Schulslaper, FANFARE Magazine

Gary William Friedman is a versatile composer best known for his groundbreaking score for the TONY nominated, OBIE Award winning musical THE ME NOBODY KNOWS.
Other musical theater credits include the award winning TAKING MY TURN, which was presented on PBS Television's Great Performance Series, SHEBA, PLATINUM, THE LAST SUPPER and most recently, TREASURE ISLAND.
In addition to the theater, his music spans the genres of jazz, film, symphonic and liturgical works.
His orchestral, operatic and dance works have been commissioned and performed at venues such as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Lancaster Music Festival, the Columbus Symphony, The Festival at Sandpoint, Idaho, and Encompass New Opera Theatre.
In addition to scoring features and highly acclaimed television films, he served as Music Director for T.V.'s "The Electric Company", for which he wrote many songs including the popular "Spider Man Theme Song"...Visit Gary's Website for more info.

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An exciting and challenging collection, the CD contains varied, and highly personal and introspective works:
Passages, a dramatic clarinet concerto, Song Of Moses, a stark, a capella choral work, Colloquy, a sonata for viola and piano, featuring NY Philharmonic violist Judith Nelson and internationally acclaimed concert pianist Judith Lynn Stillman, and My Heart's Friend, an orchestral setting of four poems for soprano and baritone.